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AgooLar Women's Kitten-Heels Frosted Low-top Solid Pull on Boots Red 1XCrIadI AgooLar Women's Kitten-Heels Frosted Low-top Solid Pull on Boots Red 1XCrIadI
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Westfalia has the flexibility to analyze your business and product flow, optimize your warehouse space and design a solution that is

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Westfalia has the flexibility to analyze your business and product flow, optimize your warehouse space and design a solution that is

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Westfalia is your complete resource for planning, designing, manufacturing and installing automated material handling solutions.

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Westfalia systems are not limited by depth, height or width. They are limited only by the size of your facility.

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Westfalia's order fulfillment solutions help reduce cost by reducing the amount of travel time.

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Westfalia Deam Systems is known throughout the juice, dairy and beverage industries for innovative, compact, custom-designed case packing and handling systems.

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Maximize parking capacity using minimal space and increase other revenue generating areas.

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Automated, convenient high-density storage with maximum security for everyday valuables.

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Automated Warehouse Solutions

Intelligent warehouse automation is required to process increasingly complex tasks and provide reliability and flexibility for future needs.

Westfalia Technologies — one of the world’s leading warehouse automation companies — excels at designing and delivering customized systems to enable companies to organize inventory, optimize space and increase efficiency in every aspect of their warehousing operations. We can work with you to implement a warehouse automation solution in one or more areas of your operation, design and implement a complete warehouse automation system, or work with you in phases to achieve a fully automated system over time.

Contact us now to discuss implementing an AS/RS into your warehouse.

The Leading Provider of Warehouse Automation Systems

Westfalia designs and installs warehouse automation systems for manufacturers and distributors in both conventional existing facilities and new-build facilities. We offer the following varieties of AS/RS in temperatures ranging from -35 F to 110 F for both non-rack and rack-supported structures:

Whether it’s product retrieval , maximizing storage, optimizing material flow, reducing logistics costs or rotating product , Westfalia Technologieshas warehouse automation solutionsthat will fityour products and your unique business model.

Contact us now to discuss how to implement an automated solution into your warehouse.

High-density multiple deep systems

For purposes of an e-Way Bill, supply is considered either a payment in the course of business/ a payment which may not be in the course of business/ no consideration of payment (in the case of barter/ exchange).

Latest update as on 23rd Mar 2018: The transporters need not generate the Eway bill (as Form EWB-01 or EWB-02) where all the consignments in the conveyance :

Individually (single Document**) is less than or equal to Rs 50,000 BUT In Aggregate (all documents** put together) exceeds Rs 50,000.

(**Document means Tax Invoice/Delivery challan/Bill of supply)

GST E-Way Bill Format

Below is the image of the e-Way Bill to be electronically generated after completing the Form GST EWB-01.

The bill comprises of 2 parts – Part A and Part B.

Part A of the form is to collect the details of the consignment, usually about the invoice.

GSTIN of Recipient: Place of Delivery: Dearfoams Microfiber Velour Clog W/Quilt Women’s Microfiber Velour Clog W/Quilt Black EuboWihh8
or Challan Number:
Value of Goods: HSN Code: Reason for Transportation: Transport Document Number:

In Part B of this form, one needs to fill in the vehicle number of the transported goods. The transporter will complete this information in the common portal.

e-Way Bills are generated either via online e-way bill system or SMS. The bill needs to be generated before the start of the movement of goods about supply/ reasons other than supply/ inward supply from an unregistered person. [Supply being defined sale of goods and payment made/ branch transfer/ barter or exchange].

Here is a step by step guide to generate E-Way Bill Online or Via SMS (created by NIC).

The table below is aimed to provide a bird’s eye-view of ‘Who, When and How’ will generate the e-Way Bill and which part of the form needs to be completed:

Under GST regime, when goods are moved from one place to another, the transporter needs to ensure to carry an e-Way Bill. When a registered person causes the movement of goods and hands these over to the transporter for transportation by road, but the e-Way Bill has not been generated, then it is the transporter who needs to create the bill.

When an unregistered person causes the movement of goods, through his/her conveyance or hired vehicle or services of a transporter, then the e-Way Bill needs to be generated and can be done by the transporter.

In cases where there are multiple consignments, being sent through one conveyance, the transporter has the responsibility to ensure that the serial number of each individually generated e-way bill per each consignment is entered on the common platform and a consolidated e-Way Bill via the Form GST EWB 02 is created.

1) In Which cases e-Way bill is not required?

The below are the cases when the generation of e-Way Bill is not a requirement:

Despite the continuum of racial biases and marginalization of other disenfranchised groups, great strides are being taken by individuals and special interest groups to “fix” the problems associated with discrimination of marginalized groups. However, in attempting to ameliorate the problem, patronization is often the resulting bandage over an infected wound.

To be patronized is to be treated as if you are less intelligent or knowledgeable than the person you’re speaking with, and it can be one of the most frustrating experiences you can have in life.

Anyone can be patronized—men, women, seniors, young people—and patronization can take on many forms, such as:

Another example of patronization can be found in the Time article “ It’s No Big Deal ,” referencing the Supreme Court’s decision on gay rights:

“It was sweet of Justice Kennedy to say gays can now ‘enter upon [a] relationship in the confines of their homes … and still retain their dignity as free persons.’ Apparently, gay-activist lawyers wept in court upon hearing this. But they should know that dignity is not the court’s to give. Gays have found their own dignity through decades of refusing to hide. For the court to come around, at this late date, to acknowledge our existence as ‘free persons’ is shockingly patronizing; it’s condescension that has been cast as liberation. I’m glad those two Texas fellas can freely have sex, but they still can’t visit each other in certain hospitals, serve openly in the military or get married. Let’s save the banner headlines for when they can.”

Thankfully, there are advancements due to recent changes in legislation.

Being patronized is more than just frustrating. It can lead to issues with self-esteem and can negatively affect your performance at work. In fact, according to a study published in the Mjus Women’s 22103101010002 Ankle Strap Sandals Multicolour Medusaargento 0002 x78sE19AB
, male bosses who patronized their female employees undermined their performance. The bosses patronized the women workers by offering them excessive praise but no “valued resources” such as raises or promotions.

“The patronizing behavior of male bosses created gender differences in performance where they otherwise did not exist,” said Theresa Vescio, a Penn State University assistant professor of psychology who led the study.

Perhaps the most damaging form of patronization is that of excessive praise to select members of marginalized groups. This not only undermines the group from which the recipient of the praise is from but also alienates the representative of that group by singling out him or her. This consequently leads to shame, embarrassment, and more often than not disconnectedness from one’s group, which in turn perpetuates the familiar emotion of feeling invisible within and without one’s given group.

It is my premise that because these attitudes often lie outside the consciousness of many well-intended people who consider themselves to be nonbiased, an attempt by such to compensate/overcorrect leads to the pendulum that swings in the direction toward oppression and ostracization to swing opposingly toward patronization. As well-intended, non-disenfranchised groups endeavor to make marginalized groups feel less marginalized by incorporating adequate representation, one must be mindful not to make the representative an “expert” on that particular group’s cultural affairs or patronize the representative by giving excessive praise. Hence, this too becomes marginalization. A key tenet is finding a fulcrum and maintaining a balance between ostracization and patronization. I submit that balance candidly and simply be humanization.

CDSM - Test Appropriate
Providing Primary Care Providers with Best Practices At the Point of Care
TestAppropriate, Test, Appropriate, Test Appropriate, Best Practices, Primary Care Physicians
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We help ensure your team orders the appropriate and most cost effective tests and procedures.


Integrated with leading EHRs, delivering and documenting appropriate use criteria consultation with minimal ‘clicks’ and interaction time


The Test Appropriate CDSM is now one of very few CMS Qualified Clinical Decision Support Mechanisms to assure full imaging reimbursement

Free Tool Available! Our ad supported, non EHR integrated (freestanding) tool is available free of charge.

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We believe providers are at their best when they have easy andfast access to best practices developed by actual providers, supportedby evidence, and fully vetted by the broader community. The Test Appropriate CDSM efficientlysupplies best practices and supporting information at the point of care toimprove care quality, ease compliance, lessen over AND underutilization,and increase workflow efficiency.


We present interactive appropriate use criteria from leading medical societies and providers to ensure compliance and assist in providing the best, most consistent and safest care possible. Consider adding your own protocols to further refine best practices at your organization.


In addition to eliminating inappropriate tests, the Test Appropriate CDSM supplies comparison cost data before orders are placed to guide clinicians to the most appropriate and most cost effective tests and procedures.


We deliver detailed guidance and other critical information when you need it most to improve team workflow efficiency. Customizable features provide assistance with coding, precise payer pricing, minimize referral leakage and assist with payer pre-authorization and reimbursement.

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Appropriate Use Criteria (AUC) in their native formareoften lengthy and complex, and moreover, change periodically based on thelatest research and technology. As such they are impossible to memorize… andwhy should you ? The Test Appropriate CDSM provides fast, interactive access to AUCwith thefewest possible clicks to all but eliminate the chance of inappropriateordering. Our tool also documents AUC consultation to prove compliance,standardize care and reduce liability exposure because the bestdefense against mal-practice is best practice.

Cost comparison data is displayed (if desired) before orders are placed toguide clinicians to the test or procedure, not just an appropriate one. Consider that theACC’s criteria covering seven common tests used to identify ischemia produce an average of 3.3 tests that are appropriate for any given set of patient conditions.Moreover, 59% of the time these appropriate tests include a test in both thelowest and highest cost ranges (roughly $200 vs $3,000). Our chart studies prove that astronomical ratesof return are possible from providers on cost sharing models making only modestimprovements in lower cost ordering. Alternately, we know that many useful butexpensive tests are not being ordered , when they may bethe appropriatechoice. However, clinicians simply don’t have the tools to easily know when those scenarios arise because they are far too complex to memorize and require detailed knowledge of each patient’s historythat is often times not presentin the EHR.

Appropriate Ordering Before Our Tool 0 %
Expected Appropriateness Using Our Tool 0 %
Rate Lowest Cost Appropriate Test Ordered 0 %
Rate Highest Cost Appropriate Test Ordered 0 %
EHR Records Deficient to Answer AUC 0 %

ACCF / AHA / ASE / ASNC / HFSA / HRS / SCAI / SCCT / SCMR / STS 2013 Multimodality Appropriate Use Criteria for the Detection and Risk Assessment of Stable Ischemic Heart Disease
  • 1 Center Court Cleveland , Ohio 44115
  • (888) 894-9424 or TDD (855) 416-0373

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